Welcome To Grays Woods

ABC’s Grays Woods center opened in November 2008. This wonderful building, custom designed by an architect experienced in childcare design, is nestled among trees in a park-like setting. Flooded with natural light and child friendly features, our clean, beautifully furnished classrooms have plenty of space for children to enjoy their daily activities and are equipped with bathrooms and child-sized sinks. A conviction ABC has always held is that smaller class sizes are more conducive to learning, nurturing relationships and a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. With this belief, our class sizes are limited to a maximum of 10-12 children.

The large gymnasium allows children to be active regardless of the weather outside and also serves as the location for many of our special events.

Our outdoor play spaces include separate, fenced, toddler and preschool playgrounds. Each playground has play equipment designed to encourage gross-motor skill development and plenty of open space gives children room to run and explore. Two large porches offer a shaded place for children to enjoy being outdoors even when it’s raining, snowing or very warm.

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