Our Program

    ABC's program is based on the belief that children are always learning.  Whether they are being rocked to sleep, singing a song at circle time or being soothed after a fall, they are learning.  Our goal is to ensure that they are learning that the world is safe, kind and full of wonder when they are with us!  We believe that if children form trusting relationships with loving caregivers and are exposed to a variety of fun and enriching experiences, they will thrive!    


    An important element of effective nurturing is to give  children a solid academic foundation. Having years of experience, ABC has developed its own curriculum.  All CD activities and projects fulfill the Early Learning Standards for curriculum content.  Bible-based values, stories, songs and activities are also a part of our program.

    Teachers have access to a wide variety of materials and resources to supplement the curriculum and to enrich the development of the children they care for.  These materials are selected to encourage cognitive development, increase cultural awareness, enhance fine and gross motor skills and to inspire imaginative, creative play.

Fun !!!

    It is also ABC's conviction that an important component of a healthy childhood is to have lots of fun!  Each classroom has a wide variety of toys, games and hands-on activities that not only facilitate learning, but also offer great entertainment.  

    In addition to having spacious outdoor playgrounds, both ABC locations offer indoor large motor areas where kids can run, throw balls and tumble on gym mats regardless of the weather outside!  We also have  many special events throughout the year.  See some examples of events below!